Strong Family Ties at JBS Ipswich

Boasting team members from more than 49 different nationalities speaking 28 languages, JBS Ipswich is one big, happy, multicultural family, and is a key part of many local communities.    

 The company’s genuine commitment to cultural diversity provides opportunities for team members to grow and learn from each other.    

 There are roles for everyone, including the whole family, from 17 to 75. In fact, there are several “families” working for JBS Ipswich, covering multiple generations.    

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Ask any team member, and they’ll tell you that working for JBS Ipswich is just like working with family, and, in many cases, some do work with their actual relatives.    

Just ask the Jackwicz family. Brothers Ben and Steve, and sister Stacey-Ann, have worked together at JBS for many years, and they say they wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, they followed in their dad’s footsteps.  

All three of the siblings say it’s the opportunities and the people that makes them so happy to be part of the extended JBS family.  

Stacey-Ann, who currently works as a packer, said that although she’s been able to learn a lot and take on many roles during her 10 years with JBS Ipswich, there’s still a lot she wants to achieve.   

“I have learnt plenty and there’s still more to learn more.  

“There’s always slicing, different things that I don’t know yet, that I’d like to learn. So, give it time and I’ll hopefully learn more,” Stacey-Ann said.  

Foreperson Steve said he’s had no shortage of opportunities since he started at JBS Ipswich 24 years ago.  

“The whole time I’ve been working here, I’ve had opportunities given to me and been successful that way. There are ongoing opportunities … there are always goals to be reached every day,” Steve said.  

Big brother and Shipping Clerk Ben agreed with Steve and said the atmosphere and the great people are some of the aspects he loves most about his job.  

And then there’s Kevin, a Cold Stores Supervisor, who has worked with JBS for 31 years and said he’s made many lifelong friendships.  

“I’ve built up a lot of friendship over the years with other employees. I’ve had friends who have come from South Africa and Vietnam, who have worked here for 40 years, which is incredible. And I’ve seen some of them retire in the last five years.  

 “It’s a close-knit community. I’m a great believer in calling people by name and saying good morning … I will treat the people like I want to be treated,” Kevin added.  

 “The opportunities are there to grow. I started out as a floor boy in New South Wales and started here 26 years ago. So, I’ve seen advancement, right through QA to Foreman Supervisor.”  

Chrissy Manning from Livestock Accounts also said she’s made a lot of great friends during her seven years with the company.  

“There are so many different people from different places. You get to learn their stories and where they’ve come from and it’s amazing to find out their journey.  

“I love the people I work with. Everyone here is very genuine. Just genuine humans.”  

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