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Imagine playing an essential role in helping to feed the world? That’s the reality for the team at JBS Ipswich, who help to produce an astonishing 25.5 million meat-based meals a week. That’s 1.275 billion meals a year!  

Workplace Health and Safety Officer Nathan Nuhn has been part of the JBS family for 27 years. He’s very proud of the protein products the company produces for the wider community, with JBS meat sold in pubs, clubs, restaurants and butchers the country over. 

“It is a great feeling, and you get a lot of sense of pride from the work that you do, you know, putting out the best product you can,” Nathan said. 

As well as being proud of the work he does in his role of Workplace Health and Safety Officer, Nathan said he loves the camaraderie of working at JBS. 

“You meet a lot of great people, and you end up with a lot of diverse friendships which is really good,” he said.  

Imagine the pride that comes with saying, “I helped to produce that piece of steak” when you’re out with your friends for dinner.  

Ashleigh O’Kane, who has worked for JBS for 10 years and is currently in Production Control Planning, knows that feeling all too well.  

She’s extremely proud of the work she does at JBS Ipswich.  

“JBS provides 25.5 million meals a week with our products, and that’s super important,” Ashleigh said. “You don’t realise how important it is to feed that many people until you see a number like that. 

In her 10 years with the company, Ashleigh has been provided with numerous opportunities for growth and promotion.  

“It’s been really, really good to know there are options for me to actually move from being on the floor to leaning into a career and building something that I can be really proud of,” she said.  

Business Intern Angus Alley said he’s proud of all the work JBS does in the local community. 

“We do so much in the community. We donate so much. We look after each other. If someone’s sick in hospital, we rally together and have big fundraisers … we look after the families. 

“They look after you in so many ways where other companies wouldn’t, and it’s one of the best places to work!” 

If you’re looking for a role you can be proud of, a stable career for life that allows you to be a part of something bigger while working with a global company that truly supports its community, then why not consider a move to JBS Ipswich

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