Looking for a rewarding new career? JBS Ipswich ... it all starts here

JBS Ipswich ... it all starts here

Employed in Ipswich

JBS Ipswich is the largest single employer in the city, employing some 1443 staff at its plant in Dinmore, with a goal of continuing to grow our passionate and dedicated team over the coming months.  


JBS Ipswich is part of JBS Foods, a global, diversified meat processing company creating delicious products for customers and consumers around the world. 


Would you like to play a part in producing 25.5 million meat-based meals a week? That’s 1.275 billion meals a year produced at the Ipswich plant alone. You’ll be making an incredibly positive contribution to the health and nutrition of your community, while taking on a rewarding career. 


The benefits of working for JBS Ipswich include: 


  • Enjoy a rewarding career in your own backyard
  • Take on a role with endless opportunities for promotion and progression  
  • You’ll have a career with purpose you can be proud of  
  • You’ll benefit from flexible rosters that work for you   
  • Work with a supportive, multicultural team that feels like family   
  • Access to discounted meat, gym membership, private health care and more   

JBS Ipswich has opportunities available across all facets of the business, for skilled and unskilled workers, through to management, maintenance, and support staff.  

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“It’s a lot closer to drive. If you’re an early start, or you finish late, there’s no traffic, which is really nice. Knowing that a lot of other people live locally … it’s easier to make friends and you know people in the area.” Kimberly – HR administrator  

A rewarding career in your own backyard?  

Imagine having a rewarding career in your own backyard at JBS Ipswich.


  • Avoid the daily commute – spend less time on the road  
  • Save money on fuel.
  • Spend more quality time with your family and friends 
  • Live, work and play in your own backyard  

JBS Ipswich is conveniently located in Dinmore, just a short walk from the train station.


  • 7 minutes from Redbank Plains  
  • 9 minutes from Goodna  
  • 13 minutes from the heart of Ipswich  
  • 17 minutes from Springfield  
  • 17 minutes from Jindalee  
  • 17 minutes from Amberly  
  • 24 minutes from Browns Plains  
  • 25 minutes from Marburg  
  • 26 minutes from Logan Central  

Want to learn more about the roles available with JBS Ipswich?


JBS Ipswich … it all starts here.  

“If they’re keen to move up and progress, and they’ve got the ‘go’ about them, then it’s endless. They can end up as a plant manager, shift manager, foreman, QA or there’s other corporate roles. A lot of people from head office have moved up from here.”
Jordan – Plant Manager in Development  

A career with endless opportunities...?

Are you looking for a career that provides endless opportunities with a company that rewards hard work with promotions and progression?  


JBS Ipswich, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), also offers its staff access to exceptional training programs, from certificates and apprenticeships through to onsite training.  


No matter what type of role you’re looking for, JBS Ipswich has a position for you, from skilled and unskilled roles through to management, maintenance, and support staff. 


Positions available include:  

  • Administration  
  • Labouring roles   
  • Maintenance 
  • Management 
  • Engineering and electrical  
  • Quality assurance  
  • Supervisory positions  
  • Marketing  
  • Packing and production  
  • Skilled roles (boners and slicers)  
  • Safety  
  • Trade apprenticeships  
  • Internships  
  • Human resources  
  • Heavy machinery  
  • Cleaning 
 JBS Ipswich … it all starts here.  
Luke Manager

Meet the JBS Ipswich team​

JBS Ipswich is nothing without its people, with an impressive 213 JBS Ipswich staff members are celebrating 20 plus years with JBS Ipswich this year. It really is one, big, happy family at JBS Ipswich. Here’s what JBS Ipswich’s hardworking, dedicated staff have to say about working for the company.

Luke Manager


“What encouraged me to follow in the footsteps or my father and grandfather? It was the working lifestyle. They were always able to do stuff, starting early and finishing early. They always had time for family and time to take me to footy games and training. Those sorts of things really appealed to me as I’ve got a young family myself.” Luke – Line Foreman


“It’s been really, really good to know there are options for me to move from being on the floor and starting and learning, into a career and building something that I could be really proud of. I love my job now. I love coming to work every day.” Ashleigh – Production Control Planning 


“The people here are phenomenal. The way I’m treated right now, it’s like a second family. I can’t ask for anything better.” Lee – Boning Room Supervisor  


“There are plenty of opportunities here. We’re always growing. We’re always looking for new staff, whether it’s packing, slicing or boning through to QAs and foremen. There are heaps of opportunities.” Damian


“There are different roles, different things to do, and lots of opportunity for progression.” Bernard (married to Ann)



“It’s really a proud moment where you walk into a restaurant, and you see your meat there. People say, ‘What kind of meat is that?’ and I say, ‘top quality!’” Ann  


“If they’re keen to move up and progress, and they’ve got the ‘go’ about them, then it’s endless. They can end up as a plant manager, shift manager, foreman, QA or there’s other corporate roles. A lot of people from head office have moved up from here.” Jordan – Trainee Plant Manager  


“What do I love about working for JBS Ipswich? The good people. And there are definitely plenty of opportunities if you’re willing to work for them.” Stacey 

“We supply most of the world’s meat. It makes you humble and feel like I’ve accomplished something.  We’re supplying to the world. It’s a great feeling for me.”
Lee – Boning Room Supervisor  

A career with purpose you can be proud of?

Taking on a role with JBS Ipswich allows you to play an integral role in feeding your community.  

It’s a career to be proud of. A stable career for life. A career that allows you to be a part of something bigger. A career with a global company that truly supports its community.  

JBS Ipswich protein products are sold in your favourite pubs, clubs, restaurants, and butchers.  

Imagine the pride that comes with saying, “I helped to produce that piece of steak” when you’re out with your friends for dinner.  

JBS Ipswich produces 25.5 million meat-based meals a week. That’s 1.275 billion meals a year.  

JBS Ipswich … it all starts here.  

“We work the same shifts and the same roster. If we need to alter anything, we see the manager and then it’s accommodated by HR. It’s always really good.”
Bernie & Ann – Foreperson & Packer

A flexible career that works for you?

A career with JBS Ipswich comes with many perks and benefits, including the choice of two shifts a day. You can choose the rosters that work for you and your family, such as: 


  • “Mum and Dad shifts” to allow for school drop off and pick-up 

  • Compressed working weeks  

  • Job-sharing  

  • Early starts or late finishes, to work in with your family’s needs  


JBS Ipswich offers roles for all skill levels and backgrounds, from apprenticeships through to senior management positions.  


There are many other benefits that come with working for JBS Ipswich, including:  

  • Canteen onsite 
  • Discounted meat products 
  • Discounted local gym membership 
  • Discounted private health insurance  
  • JBS training and career opportunities  
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  

 JBS Ipswich … it all starts here.  

“There’re so many different people I’ve met and befriended over the years. A majority of my best friends that I’ve gained in my time in the company are from other cultures, and it’s been awesome to learn and understand about people outside of what you would know.”

Ashleigh – Production Control Planning  

JBS Meat Workers

A career working with family?

Boasting team members from more than 49 different nationalities speaking 28 languages, JBS Ipswich is one big, happy, multicultural family.  

JBS Ipswich is privileged to be a part of many communities.  

The company’s genuine commitment to cultural diversity provides opportunities for team members to grow and learn from each other.  

There are roles for everyone, the whole family, from 17 to 75. In fact, there are several “families” working for JBS Ipswich, covering multiple generations.  

Ask any team member, and they’ll tell you that working for JBS Ipswich is just like working with family.  

 JBS Ipswich … it all starts here.  

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